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James has been photographing since he was a young child. He was introduced to photography by his father. They used to travel together to photograph the New England scenery (fall foliage was his favorite season in New England). They still take photographic journeys together along with his other siblings. They travel out west to photograph the national parks. You may view some of his images under portfolio > art in nature.

James is dedicated to his clients. He takes every photo session personally. He views every photo assignment as though he wasdocumenting it for family and friends.

Eventhough he is very busy , there is always one constant in his life - photography. He takes every photographic assignment that is interesting and challenging despite the subject matter. He often steps out of his comfort zone. It is how he grows and improves. It keeps his interest in photography fresh and enhances his skills.

Pets: He take pet portraits because they are important to him. He has two cats and a dog. They have changed his life and have given him a perspective that he knows all animal lovers and guardians understand. It is a unique sensibility of being able to connect with another being different from himself. (images of our girls are on the left of this screen)

Weddings: Since his own wedding day almost 11 years ago, he pursued wedding photography. He enjoys the wedding ceremony and the gathering of family and friends to celebrate a couple in love. It's reminds him of his own love.

Special events: Milestones are important events in ones lives. In todays modern society we don't always have the time to pause and appreciate the things in our lives. Special events allow us to take a moment in time to come together and celebrate.