The Photographer

Wild Coyote Studio is a family business.  All photographs will be taken by James Morrissey.  He is assisted by his wife and while they work as the Photographer at the Hotel Penn you will also see his sister, her two children, and brother-in-law (sometimes).  We started the photography business because we wanted something to help others have something to remember their pets when they are no longer around.  It was something that was important to us after we had lost our very first love, Roger the regal cat.

Our family, consist of a cat, dog, and 2 rabbits.  All different with their own wonderful personalities.

James has experience taking portraits of many Westminster dogs as well as your average house pet - dogs, cats, birds, turtle, rabbits, rats, and guinea pig just to name a few.  He has been featured in ESPN, the Chicago Tribune at others....check out what we have in the News.

If you have a beloved furry or non furry family member and would like to have professional portraits taken of them we will be happy to help you. 

We have rescued many cats from the streets and is a will volunteer to photograph any pet who needs a home free of charge.