Give a Gift to Remember

Finding the right gift is not always easy....make it a memorable one with a photo shoot.  Call us today or complete our contact form below to schedule an appointment.

What we do at a photo shoot.

We travel to your location.  We find that pets feel more comfortable and at ease in their own homes or familiar surroundings..

When we get to our designated location, we set up our equipment and have the animals get use to our presence.  They may be curious and come out to explore us and our equipment.

We do a light test and then we are ready to begin...

Gift packages

The photo session - this package includes the fee for us to book and come to do the photoshoot.  Images are purchased separately.

The day experience - we follow your dog for the day, at the beach, the pier, your home, nearb by park.  Includes images from the session.

The seasons - we come out to photograph your dog during different times of the season (pick two).  Location can vary...beach, city skyline, park, your home.  Includes a gallery book.